The joining of two people is a very special thing.
It has in the past, and will in the future,  be celebrated
in many different ways.
Blessed in Religion or honored by Holy Men, it is only
as strong as the two people involved, will it to be.

The laws of men are constantly changing, and this
will always be true. Different cultures and beliefs,
produce different ceremonies and customs.  
Men and women, even in this day and age, are still
joined together by Family contracts, the main reason
being oppertunistic gains, and in some cultures,
it still works.

There is only one thing that can truly bind two
people together in happiness and fullfilment and
that is LOVE.
Ask a hundred different people and you'll get a
hundred different definitions of LOVE.
Love can hit you between the eyes like a sledge-
hammer, or it can slowly grow and blossom like a
beautiful flower.
It can fill you full of joy or full of pain, make the
strongest man like a whimpering child, or the
weakest woman a pillar of strength.
Some search for it for a lifetime and never find it.
Only you know deep in your soul when it's there.
LOVE is a easy word to say, but a difficult emotion to
give, easy for some, impossible for others.
Most Native Americans believe in the Never Ending
Circle of life, and in the center of the circle is Love and
Respect. Love and Respect for the land, for all living
things, and for people, whether they be your friend or
your enemy.
The Circle of Life is within everyone, some choose
to follow it, some to ignore it. It is a long hard
journey, filled with happiness and disapointment.
There will be both, but Love and Respect, will determine
which will be overcome and which will be enjoyed.
As both of you walk the paths of your Circle
together, may you find that it is Never-ending!

                             for Rene' and Jeff
                                           by Jake the Snake
Joining Two People