Welcome to Jake the Snake's Pit
This is my fun site where I'm just gonna put everything I
want to. Sure--so being a Biker, most of it is gonna have that
type of content in it, but there will be other fun stuff too!
For those of you that understand "Been there--Done that",
you'll understand after viewing some of the pic's here.
Here is a pic of My house, my Scoot, and Me in Texas
Yeah--I used ta run this Puter from inside a 61 Chevy School
Bus when I started this site, got married in March a 2001 and
now live in a cabin on Lake Texoma with my new bride
Patches, ain't life wonderfull!
my new Outlaw Biker Club
Who I used to be
Who I am now
Some of my artwork for sale
Me at the WALL
Da Wedding
Terlingua Chili Cookoff 2003
BlueMoon Pirates
Terlingua 2004
Viet Nam Vets MC Runs
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