Terlingua 2004
The "Lone Star Chili Team" Had another great year at      
Frank X. Tolbert's Behind the Store Chili Cookoff.
This year we decided to enter Open Show as we had a few
extra people that participated. Open Show means above 4
persons and unlimited props and accsessories.
We won 4th place!!!!!!!!!!!
So fer a bunch a Ol Farts with no plan---we did good---
competeing with show teams that do this year-round with
coreographic help!
Wendell--our Chief Cook also won 1st place cooking
Black-Eyed Peas!
The show was a carnival side show theme with Cannonball
Phelps and Jake da Snake riding the Texas Death Sled on
their Harley's.
Dancing by Little Egypt--Princess ComeOn-I-Wanna
Layya--Biker Chick AnnaConda--Cowgirl Bonnie and
Drinkin Down Under with Frank.
Had a GREAT time around the campfire at night playin
music with a couple of Lukenback Legends Jerry & Dan!
As usual in Terlingua a Great Time was had by ALL!

   To see the "Death Sled" click on the skull below!.
The Lone Star Chili Team at Blaines Pub in San Angelo--our
Halfway stop on the way down. Look it up if yer ever in San
Angelo--you can't find a friendlier place this side a the border!
more pics